Voip PBX & Cloud PBX

Telephony and unified communications are increasingly strategic tools.
The possibilities of integration with the “traditional” world of data, the need for relocation, the ability to effectively manage the customer care, management of telephone costs, are widespread need, who can give an adequate response to IP telephony solution on the platform.

The Voip solutions proposed by Gei S.r.l. are packed on the specific needs of the customer, of any size.
From Full-VoIP PBXs also connected to traditional lines, up to the Cloud PBX service considered the safest in the market.
From professional studios to SMEs, by relocated offices to public administration, GEI is able to design, supply and service very efficient IP central, flexible and convenient.

Continuity, reliability, quality and adequacy remain in the spotlight, thanks to the activation of partnership with the best manufacturers and VoIP service providers.

If you want to evaluate the benefits that you can get in your specific organization, contact us for a cognitive meeting, we will be happy to guide you in choosing the solution that best suits your specific needs.